Von Spar: Von Spar

Von Spar: Von Spar
Title: Von Spar
Label: Tomlab
Product Type: VINYL LP

When Von Spar appeared in 2003, they were regarded as the German answer to the post-punk/no wave renaissance, but their debut was more a clever parody about 80s-style hipster bands. In the meantime, the trio grew to a five-piece and returned with an uncompromising album that will surprise their audience. They reanimate the classical album format. The two 20-minute songs combine the spirit of exploration from Can and Kraftwerk with the conceptual aesthetics of Gyorgy Ligeti and Steve Reich and techniques of dark, psychedelic multi-layering as known by Neurosis or Godspee You! Black Emperor.

1.1 Xaxapoya
1.2 Dead Voices in the Temple of Error

Von Spar: Von Spar

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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