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Richards Vonetta: I Am Available

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Artist: Richards Vonetta
Title: I Am Available

Vonetta Richards was born in the island of St.Vincent and the Grenadines to Ms Vivian Baptiste and Mr.Dalton Jack. She was raised by two women, her mother and her mother's twins sister. They have instilled and have taught Vonetta the rules to become an ambitious and independent young woman. Vonetta, who is a very kindhearted, God fearing and serious minded young lady has found her true purpose in life. From the tender age of seven, Vonetta developed a very deep passion for singing and music. She was always ready to sing or act leadership roles among her family and peers. Young and curious, Vonetta was captivated by her father's musical skills; she admired him as he played his guitar and sang to her with hopes of her doing the same one day. As a young girl, she was loved and respected by those who came in contact with her. Vonetta was never afraid to be in the eyes of the public as an entertainer. By the age of nine she had made it on national television, where she performed in the Auntie Anna children's program, (which many people from the Vincentian public viewed). She was placed in the Chauncey Methodist church adult choir at the age of eleven and continued to bless many hearts with soulful performances in local shows, weddings, graduations and funerals. Many of her fans called her "the little Whitney Huston" by whom she was also inspired. After graduating from high school, Vonetta obtained many certificates in business and other studies from the Caribbean examination council and she is also a trained photo lab technician. As a woman with many talents, she used her skills to enhance and promote her life and support her independence which is very important to her. She continued to live in St.Vincent and the Grenadines and wanted to take up singing as a career (which would be the fulfillment of her child hood dream. She migrated to New York at the point in her life when her career as a singer was now becoming brighter, to be with her long time high school sweetheart, now husband, Montgomery Richards. Vonetta felt to herself that her dream of being a singer might end as she ventured into a new world. Here in New York City, she felt like a stranger as her productive years were just slipping past her; she felt distraught at the thought of giving up her childhood dream. Vonetta cherished her family and focused on being an exemplary mother to her son Tevon, and wife to her husband. Despite her satisfaction with her family life, she often asked God the reason for her coming to America, because at times the bite from the big apple was hard to digest. Motivated and encourage by her mother-in-law, Vonetta attended church services with her. It was there that she embraced the bible, which became a very captivating book to her. She was introduced to the church as a singer and the first song she rendered was "Lord Walk beside me". It was at that moment she decided to turn a new page in her life and serve God wholeheartedly. After she was baptized, she became the praise and worship leader and held other positions which included, church secretary and Sabbath school superintendent. Because of the gift that was endowed on her from God, Vonetta became known as one of the top singers nationwide in the Church of God 7th Day. She is now a singing minister of the gospel and her ministry is touching and convincing many lives, as they turn to God. The Lord is about to enlarge Vonetta's borders. She is now a songwriter and recording artiste who has been anointed by God to do his will. With the debut of her first gospel album in April of 2008, and her second on January 31, 2010, her intentions are to win souls for the kingdom of God. She has the strong belief that everyone has a purpose from God, and will one day have to give an account for their work in this present life. This exceptional woman is persuaded to make full use of her ministry. In studying about God's plan and purpose for mankind, she realizes that all talent must be used in the service of God and to the glorification of his name. Driven by the fact that Jesus Christ will be returning to judge this world a second time, Vonetta is more than ready to spread the gospel through her singing ministry, with the goals of transforming lives, encouraging those in distress, mending the broken hearted and proclaiming to the world that God is real. The conclusion of it all is that when Christ comes a second time, Vonetta wants to hear, "well done my true and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord".

1.1 I Am Available
1.2 Charity
1.3 Feed Me Lord
1.4 My Soul Longs for You
1.5 I Remember
1.6 Medley - Hear My Cry O Lord/It's Raining
1.7 Oh Ancient of Days
1.8 Rescue Me
1.9 The Race
1.10 Through It All
1.11 Try Me Once Again
1.12 We Need to Hear from You

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