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Vox Nova Danubia: Voices in Bratislava

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Title: Voices in Bratislava
Label: CD Baby

Don't just see Bratislava, hear it! Each selection is linked to a site you may visit when you travel to Slovakia's capital. You'll enjoy listening as you plan your central European tour, or afterwards, to bring back memories of places you've seen. Every piece is introduced with notes about the music's link to the site -- purchase it as a download and you may listen first with these narrations, later without them. Individual tracks are not available, though, since the album is a coherent whole, and since some of the pieces are sections of larger works. Renaissance selections imaginatively recreate a feast that must have taken place in 1485, with music by Guillaume Dufay, Heinrich Isaac, and Pietro Bono. Choral selections include performances by the Bratislava City Chorus of works by local composers Joseph Haydn and Bela Bartok (yes! Both of them worked in this town!) and Slovak composers Mikulas Schneider-Trnavsky and Eugen Suchon. Slovak folklore by the lively local men's chorus Rodokmen ('Our Clan'). Solo selections by popular local operetta composer Gejza Dusik, and also by Schneider-Trnavsky, range from cute and sexy zingers to tear-jerkers on love and patriotism. Keyboard works include pieces either played in town or dedicated to local pupils by Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Anton Rubinstein, Johann Hummel, and Brahms, played by distinguished piano professors from the leading music conservatory of Slovakia (VSMU, or the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava). Each selection on this album is unique; the album as a whole tells a coherent story of a place you'll remember always!

1.1 Welcome - Vox Nova Danubia
1.2 King Matyas at the Istropolitan Academy - Vox Nova Danubia
1.3 La Magdalena - Zoltan Katay
1.4 More About the Academy - Vox Nova Danubia
1.5 Bon Jour, Bon Mois - Eva Plankova
1.6 Heinrich Isaac Leaves Innsbruck - Vox Nova Danubia
1.7 Pressburg, Ich Muss Dich Lassen - Juraj Adamuscin
1.8 Little Wolfie Mozart at a Palffy Palace - Vox Nova Danubia
1.9 Minuet in B Flat - Frantisek Pergler
1.10 Joseph Haydn and the Eszterhazy Magnates - Vox Nova Danubia
1.11 Komm, Holder Lenz - Bratislava City Chorus
1.12 Beethoven and Babette Keglovicova - Vox Nova Danubia
1.13 Sonata No. 4, Op. 7: I. - Frantisek Pergler
1.14 Johann Nepomuk Hummel - Vox Nova Danubia
1.15 Rondeaux, Op. 11 - Frantisek Pergler
1.16 Liszt Ferenc at the Depauly Palace - Vox Nova Danubia
1.17 Le Grand Galop Chromatique - Ida Cernecka
1.18 Anton Rubinstein on Hlavne Namestie - Vox Nova Danubia
1.19 Undine - Frantisek Pergler
1.20 Johannes Brahms Mentors Postmasters' Daughters - Vox Nova Danubia
1.21 Two Selections from Liebeslieder Waltzes, No. 1 - Ida Cernecka
1.22 Two Selections from Liebeslieder Waltzes, No. 2 - Ida Cernecka
1.23 Ludovit Stur and Slovak Nationhood - Vox Nova Danubia
1.24 Parobske Huncutske - Rodokmen
1.25 Povedzte Mojej Materi - Rodokmen
1.26 Aj to Chlapci - Rodokmen
1.27 Bela Bartok at St. Clara's - Vox Nova Danubia
1.28 Four Slovak Songs - Bratislava City Chorus
1.29 The Danube at Bratislava As Military Objective - Vox Nova Danubia
1.30 Dona Nobis Pacem - Bratislava City Chorus
1.31 Palace Recitals - Vox Nova Danubia
1.32 Water, I Don't Want It - Gary Cox
1.33 Gejza Dusik at the Slovak National Theatre - Vox Nova Danubia
1.34 Only Without Women - Gary Cox
1.35 The Plot Thickens - Vox Nova Danubia
1.36 What Would Become of Me? - Marta Srnkova
1.37 Patriotic Songs of Dusik and Braxatoris - Vox Nova Danubia
1.38 The Most Beautiful Spot - Marta Srnkova
1.39 Anna's Slovakia - Vox Nova Danubia
1.40 You Are So Beautiful, My Land - Bratislava City Chorus
2.1 Enjoy Renaissance Music at the Court of Hungarian King Matyas!
2.2 Hear Choruses By Haydn, Bartok, and Beloved Slovak Composers!
2.3 The Operettas That Brightened Up the Ominous 1930S!
2.4 Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Brahms, Anton Rubinstein, and Johann Hummel Played Here!
2.5 Beautiful Slovak Folk Melodies!

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