Voxen: Sacrifice

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Artist: Voxen

Artist: Voxen
Title: Sacrifice

VOXEN originated in Sacramento in 1990 with members Kory Voxen, John Parker and Phil Keller. Their purpose was to play a style of music that they felt added to the vitality of the Sacramento music scene: well written, hard driving rock and roll. In Los Angeles, VOXEN appeared on the syndicated show "Bootleg Radio" and many more. This is a BRAND NEW release from this West Coast powerhouse. A major US tour is planned for the Spring of 2010 to boost their popularity and to reach out to fans across the country. A must have for rock fans.

1.1 Change
1.2 Blame It on Love
1.3 Heroes
1.4 Paradise
1.5 Mama's Eyes
1.6 Sacrifice
1.7 Canyon Dance
1.8 So Far Away
1.9 Shadows
1.10 The Eagle
1.11 Paradise [Live]
1.12 The Eagle [Live]
1.13 Canyon Dance [Live]
1.14 Shadows [Foundations Forum Version] [Live][Version]
1.15 Paradise [Demo Version][Version]
1.16 So Far Away [Demo Version]
1.17 Tears in Your Eyes [Demo Version]
1.18 Save Me from These Dreams [Demo Version]
1.19 Save Me from These Dreams [Demo for Statue Records] [Demo Version]
2.1 Bonus Material

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