Voz De Mando

Voz De Mando: Levantando Polvadera

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Artist: Voz De Mando

Artist: Voz De Mando
Title: Levantando Polvadera

2014 release from the popular Regional Mexican band. With the voice, style, and the powerful interpretations of lead singer/songwriter Jorge Gaxiola they tour continuously all over Mexico and the US making them one of the most important bands in the Regional Mexican genre. With LEVANTANDO POLVADERA, their sixth album, Voz de Mando returns to enrapture fans with their festive and contagious mood. Their aggressive yet joyous style, authentically Mexican, give their Corridos a unique particular sound which delights all demographics. LEVANTANDO POLVADERA consists of 14 songs, recorded in Los Angeles, California and produced by Jorge Gaxiola, with the collaboration of Bruce Torres Cano and Dream Lab Studios.

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