Vulgar Type

Vulgar Type: Loud for the Night

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Artist: Vulgar Type

Artist: Vulgar Type
Title: Loud for the Night

'How nice it would be if more hard rock bands like Vulgar Type show up in the Brazilian scene. The debut work 'Loud for the Night', was recorded at Mr.Som studio with a renowned team, which consisted of Nando Fernandes (Former Hangar, Cavalo Vapor) in the production and the double Marcello Pompeu and Heros Trench (Korzus) in mastering and mixing. Of course the recording is very good, but the quartet from Santo André/São Paulo did it's part with three songs that bring back the hard rock from the late '80s and the early next decade. Not that technical hard rock which appeared mainly when a flood of virtuous guitar players came up, but those who were highlighted by the guitar riffs and the backing vocals that made the chorus of the songs blow the fans' minds away, leaning up a context more commercial. In this aspect, the guitarist D.Tambyeri and the vocalist Guzz 'Cold played a good role, but another highlight is the backing vocals. 'Midnight Little Girl' and 'Live This' for example, the voice melodies remember what Jailhouse used to do. By the way 'Live This' is very good and it has a break for the vocal that sounds very cool. They are on the right way.' Leandro Nogueira Coppi - Roadie Crew Magazine 'To close the event a hard rock band called Vulgar Type, made ??an excellent presentation, bringing a really distinctive sound of the 80's Hard Rock icons. On stage the band has shown a great musicality to it's compositions and the reason it's been highlighting in São Paulo underground hard rock. Highlighting Guzz' Cold's excellent vocals with clear influences from Paul Stanley of KISS.' Dani Günther - RockExpress 'For sure the Brazilian hard rock band which has most impressed me in recent times. Great job, great competence and attitude. Totally recommended sound!' Carlão - Animal Records.

1.1 Loud for the Night - Vulgar Type
1.2 Midnite Little Girl - Vulgar Type
1.3 Live This - Vulgar Type

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