Vytas Brenner

Vytas Brenner: La Ofrenda de Vytas

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Artist: Vytas Brenner

Artist: Vytas Brenner
Title: La Ofrenda de Vytas
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vytas Brenner was born in Germany in 1947, but his family left for Venezuela when he was just a child. His musical career would start after his family moved again, this time to Barcelona, where Brenner formed the Vytas Brenner Quartet with his brother Haakon and local musicians Toti Soler and Jordi Sabatés. with the addition of singer Jeanette Dimech in 1966 they became Brenner's Folk, the origin of the more successful Pic-Nic, which continued without Vytas and Haakon when their family returned to Venezuela. After some years devoted to his music studies and a few collaborations, Vytas started his own band in 1972, with which he would become of the leading musical innovators in Venezuela over the following years. Released in 1973, La ofrenda de Vytas is their first album and presents a truly unique fusion of traditional Venezuelan music, Latin American rhythms, and progressive rock. Traditional instruments (harp, cuatro, maracas, percussion) augment guitars, piano, organ, bass, synths, and drums; the album is constantly inventive, creating a captivating atmosphere through well-crafted compositions and impressive playing. Vinilísssimo presents the first vinyl reissue of this masterpiece of Venezuelan symphonic folk music.

1.1 Morrocoy
1.2 Ofrenda De Miguel
1.3 Tormenta De Barlovento
1.4 Frailejón
1.5 La Sabana
1.6 Tragavenado
1.7 Araguaney
1.8 Canto Del Pilón

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