W.C. Edgar

W.C. Edgar: Old School Survivor

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Product Type: CD
Artist: W.C. Edgar

Artist: W.C. Edgar
Title: Old School Survivor

Every now and then a new artist comes along that has the ability to shake things up in the music industry. Wc Edgar is that artist. He's been a dear friend of mine for almost twenty years as well as a former steel guitar player in my band. As a songwriter, WC is as good as they come and with a voice to match. You'll hear vocal influences from Johnny Paycheck to David Allan Coe, all delivered with an attitude that pulls no punches in letting the listening audience know who's boss. This new CD is hot and sure to gain attention in what used to be called Music City USA Nashville. I especially enjoyed the line in track number four, Modern Day Savior, where he says 'That Nashville Music's done left town'. Ain't that the truth! From listening to Man In The Backseat a song about the night Hank Williams died to the great songwriter hook in From Where I Sit (I can see where you stand) WC touches on everything from "hard core honky tonk" to "rodeo" to "let's get drunk" to "crank it up and let's rock". This is a great new CD and I love him like a brother! BB Watson, Houston Texas Former Nashville BNA Recording Artist.

1.1 Honky Tonk Heartache
1.2 Rodeo Game
1.3 From Where I Sit
1.4 Modern Day Savior
1.5 Gonna Do Some Drinkin
1.6 Puppet on a String
1.7 Man in the Backseat
1.8 Hicks ; Chicks
1.9 Dallas
1.10 Old School Survivor

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