W.P. Wiggins

W.P. Wiggins: Old Country Singers

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Artist: W.P. Wiggins

Artist: W.P. Wiggins
Title: Old Country Singers

W.P.Wiggins He is a walking contradiction (to quote Kristofferson). He writes and plays traditional country music at a time when country is heavily influenced by pop. He's over half a century old but figures he's young enough to release his debut country CD. He grew up in a tiny uranium mining town listening to Ernest, Webb, George and Hank but is influenced by "...everything from Acuff to Zeppelin." He's never taken a music lesson in his life but he played every instrument on his CD. He's more interested in songwriting than performing, but thinks playing for people is a blast. And even though today's country music is pretty slick stuff, he wrote, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered his new CD in his bedroom on an 8-track porta-studio. He knows music is supposed to be serious business, but he really just wants everyone to have some fun when they listen to his songs. At a time when the country music industry is embodied by 20-somethings, he called his CD Old Country Singers. The songs on Old Country Singers could be the soundtrack to your life...if your life happens to be that of a surly college kid, or a middle-age malcontent. If you spend your days showing up, punching in, putting out, pitching in, punching out, cleaning up, heading home, throwing up, turning in, sacking out and shutting up, these songs are for you. Simple, witty, stripped down music, just right for Saturday night jukeboxes, finding a sweetheart, cuttin' a rug, and cryin' in your beer, As a solo act, or with his backing band "Men With Broken Hearts"(named after the Hank Williams song), W.P.'s live show is filled with original songs, choice cover tunes, jokes, stories, politically incorrect humor, and a whole lotta fun. Influenced by a great tradition of country singer-songwriters, his laid back approach is an entertaining mix of screwball barroom humor & great lyrical moments. In a previous life, W.P. Wiggins was involved for many years in the Canadian Music Industry. He programmed and worked at award-winning radio stations in Calgary, Vancouver and Moncton. He promoted and toured with international artists like Lenny Kravitz, Colin James, Tom Cochrane, Paula Abdul, Simple Minds, Rita MacNeil, and the Northern Pikes (to name just a few!). And throughout a 5 year partnership with Doug Bennett of Doug & the Slugs, W.P. built Tomcat Records into a groundbreaking independent Country music label, and in the process helped kick off a wave of Canadian indie Country artists that is still prevalent today. We hope that you listen to and love Old Country Singers (which will of course lead to glowing reviews, steady gigs, publishing deals, record label support and your superhuman attempt to help achieve mass consumption!) And, on the off chance you don't appreciate what W.P. Wiggins is doing....how about $17.00 in unmarked bills? "I Suffered For My Music-Now It's Your Turn" CONTACT - Sore Thumb Music: 506-855-3219 lazyfolksinger@rogers.com.

1.1 Old Country Singers
1.2 This Life of Mine (Is Killin' Me)
1.3 Lullabye
1.4 Trophy Wife
1.5 Cold Beer ; Hot Women
1.6 Blame It All on Me
1.7 Cheap Sex ; Cigarettes
1.8 Lonesome Guitar Blues
1.9 Gonna Get Liquored Tonight
1.10 A Few Fries Short

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