Waddie Mitchell

Waddie Mitchell: Cohorts & Collaborators (songs Written With Waddie

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Artist: Waddie Mitchell

Artist: Waddie Mitchell
Title: Cohorts & Collaborators (songs Written With Waddie

Waddie Mitchell, who produced this 12 selection recording, for many years has been largely recognized, celebrated, and awarded as the world's number one Buckaroo Poet. Recently a new form of creative muse struck, and Waddie shared some of his poetry with talented friends in the world of professional Western Music. These collaborations sparked a breadth of expression bringing Waddie's words into a vivid new life, surprising even the artists involved. These "Words of Waddie" are freshly interpreted by Dave Stamey, Juni Fisher, Brenn Hill, Sons and Brothers, Pipp Gillette, Trinity Seely, Dean Walden, Jon Chandler, and the Gillette Brothers. NOTE: Waddie Mitchell does not personally appear on this collection.

1.1 Dave Stamey - a Poet with Something to Say
1.2 Brenn Hill - the Bristlecone Pine
1.3 Gillette Brothers - Trade Off
1.4 Juni Fisher - It's Who They Are
1.5 Dean Walden - You Are the Light
1.6 Pipp Gillette - Middle of No-Where
1.7 Sons and Brothers - of a Cowboy
1.8 Jon Chandler - Back Story
1.9 Trinity Seely - the Hand
1.10 Brenn Hill - the Rawhide Braider
1.11 Pipp Gillette - Dogs Bark in the Night
1.12 Juni Fisher - Still There

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