Wade Henry Sims

Wade Henry Sims: Rumors

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Artist: Wade Henry Sims

Artist: Wade Henry Sims
Title: Rumors

Wade Sims has one of the greatest voices in country music today. He has the power, the feeling, the realism, and the intonation, and the personality to be an artist of renown on any record label. He has been through the Nashville artist squeezing machine more than once, but fate always dealt a blow that sent him back to his home in East Tennessee to regroup. He now has a family and a career and is content to play the shows and gigs that he enjoys, and put simply....just record great records. Rumors is his first full CD project since leaving the confines of the Nashville Song Mill. He will continue recording with Country Discovery Records and has his sights set on develping a world wide audience and fan base through independent International promotion and distribution. His talent is unsrupassed and with the help of his Producer and songwriting partner Mike Headrick, he will surely acheive his long term goals in a short while. All songs are and will continue to be original songs with country heart and soul, delivered with a passion for the music Wade sings best...Honky Tonk and Outlaw country. Buyit! Enjoy it! You'll find that the CD will stay in your music device far longer than a CD contrived and fabricated by the current Nashville music machine.

1.1 The Night That Ruby Fell
1.2 Rumores Get Around
1.3 I Feel Her Touching You
1.4 Redneck Rendezvous
1.5 Pride Gets in the Way
1.6 Back in '81
1.7 He Brought the Rain
1.8 The Fire's Gone Out at Home
1.9 Ain't No Woman Gonna Alter Me
1.10 Someday I'm Gonna Live Like That

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