Wake Up the Dawn

Wake Up the Dawn: Beautiful & Mighty

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Artist: Wake Up the Dawn
Title: Beautiful & Mighty

Wake Up the Dawn is a Christian worship band located in Medford, Oregon. The band is Jacob Schmelzer (keys, vocals), Natalie Schmelzer (guitar, vocals), Aaron Martinez (drums), and Alex Saucedo (bass). Wake Up the Dawn's purpose is to lead people into the presence of God and to connect people with Jesus through their music. Musically they are diverse and enjoy incorporating various musical styles and genres into their sound. Wake Up the Dawn has been compared sonically to Coldplay, Switchfoot, and Delirious but they possess a distinctively unique sound. About "Beautiful and Mighty" - Beautiful and Mighty is Wake Up the Dawn's 3rd album. It is a live album that was recorded on November 17th 2010 at Joy Christian Fellowship with over 250 worshippers present. The band wanted to capture the atmosphere of worship present at their live events and this is clearly present on Beautiful and Mighty.

1.1 Movement
1.2 Wake and Make History
1.3 Desperate for Your Jesus
1.4 Beautiful and Mighty
1.5 Nothing Else/Nothing Less
1.6 What a Beautiful Sound
1.7 In Your Presence
1.8 Overflow
1.9 We Love to Love You
1.10 New Every Morning
1.11 Never Get Enough of You

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