Waldos: Rent Party

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Waldos

Artist: Waldos
Title: Rent Party

Digitally re-mastered and expanded edition of the rare 1994 studio album from Walter Lure (Johnny Thunders' Heartbreakers). Rent Party, produced by the Dictators' Andy Shernoff, in 1994. Features three songs known from the Heartbreakers era - the live favorite 'Seven Day Weekend,' Jerry Nolan's 'Countdown Love' and the early Heartbreakers Walter Lure composition, 'Flight'. in all there's six Lure compositions along with a couple from the late Tony Coiro, together with covers of Claudine Clark's 'Party Lights' and Ray Charles' 'Busted.' Bonus tracks are from an early Waldos 7" from 1991, and a rare 1978 single by NY punk teens the Blessed whom Walter joined in between Heartbreakers tours. Jungle.

1.1 Cry Baby
1.2 Love That Kills
1.3 Sorry
1.4 Seven Day Weekend
1.5 Never Get Away
1.6 Golden Days
1.7 Flight
1.8 Countdown Love
1.9 Busted
1.10 Crazy Little Baby
1.11 Crazy Bout Your Love
1.12 Party Lights
1.13 Crazy Little Baby (7" Vinyl Version)
1.14 Cry Baby (7" Vinyl Version
1.15 Deep Frenzy
1.16 American Bandstand

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