Wally / Mondrian Ensemble

Wally / Mondrian Ensemble: Jusqu'a L'aurore

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Wally / Mondrian Ensemble
Title: Jusqu'a L'aurore

The compositions of native Viennese Thomas Wally (1981), which the fabled Mondrian Ensemble have so marvelously put down on this, the composer's first portrait recording, might just be considered the dawn of the latest in new music. We can marvel at the unique language and character in Wally's works from the last ten years - among them two piano quartets, a string trio, and a 15-minute long piece for solo violin - and at his keen desire for experimentation and liberty which he combines with the utmost of conceptual seriousness. We can hear playful curiosity and profound knowledge at work in these compositions, seamlessly conjoined. A wealth of detail and vision; poetry coupled with absolute clarity. In that sense, and many others, Thomas Wally's music is "visceral; even displaying a downright haptic quality", as his renown Swiss colleague Dieter Ammann lauds Wally's music in the liner notes.

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