Walter Torres: Peligrosa

Walter Torres: Peligrosa
Title: Peligrosa
Label: CD Baby

'This is an unusual record. At it's heart it's a salsa project, but it has some elements of urban as well as the essence of descarga, powerhouse timba (in 'Odiame' and the seriously slammin' 'Descarga Pa'l Bailador') and salsa clasica, too. In other words, get it. Singers Juan Carlos Hechavarria, Jose 'Pepito' Gomez, and Carlos Cascante all rise to the occasion on percussionist-producer Walter A. Torres' fine production. The mosaic of sounds on Peligrosa accuratey reflect what you will hear on the streets of el barrio. This one is getting heavy play at Descarga Central. With bassists Farko Dosumov and Oscar Stagnaro, percussionists Paoli Mejias, Roberto Quintero and Walter A. Torres. Many others. Very Highly Recommended. ' (BP, 2011-05-26) Peligrosa by ?Walter A. Torres 'Producer and percussionist, Walter A. Torres brings forth a project that mixes timba, son, reggaeton, rock, jazz, funk and everything in between, making this an ambitious recording. While there are plenty of guests on this CD, it is José 'Pepito' Gómez of Pupy y Los Que Son Son fame that truly brings this project to life. From the remake of the Palmieri classic, 'Muñeca' where timba/reggaeton/hip hop weave in and out of each other; to the dance extravaganza of 'Descarga pa'l bailador' where Pepito shows why he's one of the most in demand soneros on the East Coast, and just like that the track fades out with an amazing piano jazz interlude. Very nice! Mr. Torres has found a way to mix all these genres together sounding fresh, without sounding corny; respecting the old school without repeating from the 70's. We need to keep an eye out on this producer. A must!.' CD Reviewed by Omar Walker -

1.1 Intro
1.2 Peligrosa
1.3 Odiame
1.4 Olvido
1.5 Cocinando.
1.6 Negra Estoy Cansao
1.7 Muneca
1.8 Descarga Pa'l Bailador
1.9 Peligrosa Remix
1.10 Abandono
1.11 La Noche Del Tambor
1.12 Bonus Track

Walter Torres: Peligrosa

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