Walter TV

Walter TV: Appetite

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Walter TV

Title: Appetite
Label: Omnian Music Group

Walter TV is comprised of Mac Demarco's back up band, but the band did not start out as Mac's band. The trio started as friends in a small apartment in somewhere in Montreal. It was there that the friends created the outer space frenetic sounds that are heard all throughout the bands' official debut, Appetite. Available now for the first time on CD and LP from Sinderlyn.

1.1 Nose Bleed
1.2 In My Room
1.3 Africa
1.4 Neccessitty
1.5 One Sweet Neo
1.6 Master Ludi
1.7 Lo Noise
1.8 Hawaii
1.9 Puka Shell Necklace
1.10 Siddhartha

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