War on Women

War on Women: War on Women

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Product Type: CD
Artist: War on Women

Title: War on Women
Label: Bridge Nine Records

2015 debut album from the Baltimore, MD co-ed feminist punk act. Featuring 11 tracks, this S/T record was recently recorded with J. Robbins at the Magpie Cage (Against Me!, Coliseum, Lemuria). These tracks are a natural progression for the band and a little more polished than their previous efforts, while remaining as blistering as ever. Vocalist Shawna Potter has "plenty of material to pull from when it comes to writing lyrics, considering the pervasive sexism in modern America," she commented.

1.1 Servilla
1.2 Say It
1.3 Meathead
1.4 Second Wave Godbye
1.5 Swagger
1.6 Roe w. World
1.7 Glass City
1.8 Jordan
1.9 Pro-Life?
1.10 Youtube Comments
1.11 Diana la Cazadora

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