Watain: Casus Luciferi

Watain: Casus Luciferi
Title: Casus Luciferi
Label: Season of Mist
Product Type: VINYL LP

"Casus Luciferi" is a second LP from the Swedish band Watain. And I believe this name is so well known to all fanatics of black metal, but not only, that they don't need an introduction anymore. All in all, ever since the release of the debut or the second LP so much has happened around this band that nowadays they're recognized like rock stars and as popular as an extreme metal band can only be. Watain still carries on their antichristian, satanic crusade, with new records... which for many are simply not quite as good as the early stuff. Well, I suppose it will always be an objective opinion of every individual, but personally I also think that the most interesting was the pre-big festivals period, when they were still more underground and known to only die hard maniacs. And "Casus Luciferi" may be actually their best effort from these early days. It may not be the perfect black metal record, but maybe it is a perfect Watain record, as it simply has everything what makes this band worthy.

1.1 Devil's Blood [Clean] 5:54
1.2 Black Salvation [Clean] 6:52
1.3 Opus Dei (The Morbid Angel) [Clean] 5:37
1.4 Puzzles Ov Flesh [Clean] 5:43
1.5 I Am the Earth [Clean] 6:04
1.6 The Golden Horns of Darash [Clean] 5:46
1.7 From the Pulpits of Abomination [Clean] 6:40
1.8 Casus Luciferi [Clean] 8:47

Watain: Casus Luciferi

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