Wayne Toups

Wayne Toups: Little Wooden Box

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Wayne Toups

Title: Little Wooden Box
Label: Shanachie

Zydeco, rock, folk, R&B and country into his own unique and very popular brand of music he terms as 'zyde-cajun." His latest album, Little Wooden Box, Wayne retuns to his Louisiana roots and performs many cajun and Louisiana classics. Included in the mix is a version of the unofficial state song "New Orleans ladies" in French!

1.1 Little Wooden Box
1.2 Laccasine Special
1.3 Oh Louisiana
1.4 Every Now and Then
1.5 Lemonade Song
1.6 New Orleans Ladies
1.7 Musicians Waltz
1.8 Bosco Blues Shuffle
1.9 Some of Your Love
1.10 Young Girls from the Country
1.11 Fool
1.12 Southern Girl
1.13 Little One Big One

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