We Banjo 3: Roots of the Banjo Tree

We Banjo 3: Roots of the Banjo Tree
Title: Roots of the Banjo Tree
Label: CD Baby

Enda Scahill, and brothers Martin & David Howley from Galway, Ireland are We Banjo 3 - winners of the prestigious Young Musicwide Award from Music Network. This brilliant debut album traces the fascinating journey of banjo music from the cotton fields of America to Black-Faced Minstrels to the roaring 20's in New York to Appalachian Old-Tome, Bluegrass and modern Irish Traditional music. Seamlessly blending technical wizardry with the soul of roots music featuring tenor banjo, mandolin, tenor guitar, guitar, vocals and with guest artists Fergal Scahill (fiddle), Gerry O'Connor (banjo), Louise Holden (vocals), Leon Hunt (5-string banjo), James Blennerhassett (upright bass) this is Irish and Americana at it's very best. Ross of Holmes of Mumford & Sons/Cadillac Sky said 'banjo Awesomeness' and Bill Margeson of Irish American News said 'We Banjo 3 are terrific, there really isn't a better way to say it. Wonderful musicianship of the first order. BEst of all they are different'

1.1 Martin Wynnes #2 / Martin Wynnes #1 / the Coalminer
1.2 Gonna Write Me a Letter
1.3 John Brown / the Lost Indian / Sail Away Ladies
1.4 Lonesome Road
1.5 Bill Cheatum / Kitchen Girl / the Donegal Lass
1.6 Air Tune
1.7 We All Need More Kindness in This World
1.8 Over the Waterfall / Liberty Polka
1.9 Poor Old Liza Jane / Dance Boatman Dance
1.10 If We Hadn't Any Women in the World / the New Irish Barn Dance
1.11 Time to Time
1.12 Tie Me Down
1.13 The Cavan Reel / Up Against the Boughalauns / the Dublin Lasses

We Banjo 3: Roots of the Banjo Tree

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