We Is Shore Dedicated

We Is Shore Dedicated: Smiley

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Product Type: CD

Title: Smiley
Label: CD Baby

A true Berlin record recorded in New York, well technically in Brooklyn but who cares. A record about a smiling higgs boson, a clerk, an atom, a toothy grin, a toothy gringo and friends, whom sometimes there is not enough of.

1.1 Chirp Twerp
1.2 Red Bird
1.3 Evry
1.4 I Want to Die Easy
1.5 Two Men from New Jersey
1.6 Smiley
1.7 Lonely Child
1.8 My Adan
1.9 Show Your Face, Toothface
1.10 Clerk
1.11 Cinnamon Man
1.12 Sometimes with Friends

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