We Killed the Lion

We Killed the Lion: We Killed the Lion

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Artist: We Killed the Lion
Title: We Killed the Lion

'There is a certain rawness to the band's sound-something like the swamp blues of Clarence Gatemouth Brown or Leadbelly, if they were backed by Black Sabbath playing through My Bloody Valentine's back line.' - Erik Oldman, Rock In Chicago Magazine. 'this rockin' trio lit up the stage with a hot blast of vibrant electro riffs having the tendency of being calm one minute then intense the next' SouthSide Tanya Vega - SouthSide On The Town.

1.1 Backdown
1.2 Revival
1.3 To the Sky
1.4 Starship
1.5 Blackhole
1.6 Seven Circles
1.7 Joan Jett
1.8 The Scene
1.9 Somnia
1.10 Drown

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