We Still Dream

We Still Dream: Something to Smile About

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Product Type: CD
Artist: We Still Dream

Artist: We Still Dream
Title: Something to Smile About

Having started in 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida the members of We Still Dream have created a dynamic and exciting sound for themselves which can be found on their new album 'Something To Smile About'. Boasting 12 new tracks of pure pop punk anthems and sing-a-longs, STSA features the hit single 'Sanity (Growing Up)' as well as the ultra catchy summer jam 'Back To Then'. This is a definite must have that will standout in any record collection.

1.1 Happily Never After
1.2 Things You Do
1.3 Back to Then
1.4 Closer Look
1.5 Tendencies
1.6 Ups and Downs
1.7 Sanity (Growing Up)
1.8 Convince Me
1.9 So Much Worse
1.10 Turnaround
1.11 Better Than This
1.12 Dissipate

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