Webbie: Savage Life 4

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Webbie

Artist: Webbie
Title: Savage Life 4

This fourth record in the SAVAGE LIFE album series has been supported by a 24 city tour before the release and great radio spins on the 1st single "What I Do" - the 2nd single "Bad Bitch 2" has gone to radio and has received a great response. Since the age of five, he has been writing rhymes, and throughout his childhood he had become an avid fan of hardcore rap artists. Webbie first appeared on Lil Boosie's album FOR MY THUGZ on the track "Gotta Get It" in 2002. He and Lil Boosie released GHETTO STORIES in 2003 and GANGSTA MUZIK in 2004.

1.1 I'm Back
1.2 F*Ked Her
1.3 Bad Bitch, Pt. 2
1.4 Make It Back
1.5 Realest
1.6 Another One
1.7 Big
1.8 Sugar
1.9 What I Do
1.10 Mine
1.11 Fine A*
1.12 Look at Me Now
1.13 Shake What Ya Mamma Give Ya
1.14 Sneaky
1.15 Too Much
1.16 She Say
1.17 What U Mean

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