Wendy Bawmann

Wendy Bawmann: Harvest

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Wendy Bawmann

Title: Harvest
Label: CD Baby

Listeners who enjoy the soulful quality of Sarah McLachlan and Alison Krauss will enjoy this new to the scene voice which rings with purity and simplicity. The album was initially created for posterity's sake as well a way to present something tangible to family and friends who have been urging Wendy to share her voice with the larger community. The lullaby 'Phoebe's Tears' was composed spontaneously at the dinner table one late afternoon while Wendy was trying to settle her two year old, Phoebe, into a much needed nap. No musical manuscript was created until eleven years later during the onset of the recording session. This is Wendy Bawmann's debut album.

1.1 Moon Is Made of Gold
1.2 Somewhere Over the Rainbow
1.3 Spinning
1.4 Fly Me to the Moon
1.5 Slippin' Through My Fingers
1.6 Phoebe's Tears
1.7 Gratitude

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