Wendy Biscuit

Wendy Biscuit: Fresh * Hot * Swing

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Wendy Biscuit

Title: Fresh * Hot * Swing
Label: CD Baby

From Country to Bossa Nova but mostly Blues, Wendy Biscuit- FRESH*HOT*SWING touches on all aspects of the swing genre. She surrounded herself with the best musicians to create this work of heart and soul. Highly lyrical, thought provoking and lighthearted fun, Wendy Biscuit captured a piece musical magic and is now sharing it with the public. Well produced, no corners cut, highest quality music.

1.1 Hello to You
1.2 Fairview By the Fire
1.3 Swing Brother Swing
1.4 Take My Coffee Black
1.5 Bud's Blues
1.6 Old Time Jive
1.7 Why Don't You Do Right
1.8 Bisket Basket
1.9 Torture
1.10 Hippocratic Blues
1.11 Angry Man
1.12 Meet Me in My Dream
1.13 Crossroad Friend

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