Wendy James

Wendy James: I Came Here to Blow Minds

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Artist: Wendy James

Artist: Wendy James
Title: I Came Here to Blow Minds
Product Type: VINYL LP

New album by the former front person for Transvision Vamp and collaborator of Elvis Costello, already highly touted in Uncut (4 stars, "bruised beatnik blues from blonde survivor"), Mojo (5 stars, "It's how Transvision Vamp should have sounded back then.. like the Shangri-Las meet Joan Jett"). with full-color double-sided insert. Initial pressing on pink vinyl.

1.1 The Moon Dead in the River
1.2 Where Have You Been, So Long?
1.3 Don't Shoot - I Ain't Dillinger
1.4 Municipal Blues
1.5 New Wave Flowered Up Main Street Acid Baby
1.6 Speedball
1.7 No Dice
1.8 You Tell Me
1.9 King Hoodlum
1.10 One Evening, in a Small Cafe
1.11 These Beggar Memories
1.12 You're a Fucking Mess, But You Sure Is Pretty
1.13 I Came Here to Blow Minds

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