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Wes st. Jon: Patch Pride

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Artist: Wes st. Jon

Artist: Wes st. Jon
Title: Patch Pride

Hi My name is Wes St. Jon and I was raised on an Island in the Chesapeake Bay named \'Tilghman\'. About as far away from the oilfield as you could get, at that time. I did a four year hitch in the Navy during the Vietnam era - got out and met a beautiful girl named Faye and got married. I had played guitar through my high school years and had always wanted to give the music business a shot, so Faye and I moved to Murfreesboro, Tn. when we got married - to be close to Nashville but not live right in the city. I had an offer to go on the road and play a club in Jacksonville, Florida, so we packed up our belongings and headed south. Eight years later, we were still traveling and I was still playing in clubs and lounges. During this time, I entertained some in Louisiana where I met many oilfield workers. They would tease me and yell out, \'play us an oilfield song\'! We would all laugh, because there were no oilfield songs. So I began to admire and respect the oilfield guys I got to know, and hung out with them for about a year to learn their lingo and terminology. Then I wrote ten songs about them, went to Nashville and recorded an album called \'Oilfield Cowboy\'. I took it back to Louisiana with me, and sold a bunch of them. Two years ago, I spent nine months in Oklahoma researching more about the oilfield, and wrote ten more songs which make up this CD, \'Patch Pride\'. I live in Nashville now, so I recorded it there also with some great pickers. Garth Brook\'s steel player is on four of the songs, Alan Jackson\'s rhythm guitar player is on all of the songs, Terry McMillan who played harmonica on \'Ain\'t Goin\' Down Till The Sun Comes Up\' for Garth, does some fantastic harmonica playing on some of the songs. The back-up singers were on the CMA awards doing back-up for the stars, and had just done some back-up singing on Gretchen Wilson\'s last album. So there is some dynamite talent on this CD. Also, songs like, \'DID YOU THINK\' will make you think about the people who work out there every day drilling for the oil and gas. Give it a listen. You can learn something about one of the most fascinating jobs in the country by listening to this album. Plus it is just plain good music. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the songs.

1.1 Patch Pride
1.2 Bein' a Worm
1.3 Ballad of Sadie McGuinn
1.4 Hellfighters
1.5 Oilfield Man's Wife
1.6 Oilfield Family Man
1.7 Did You Think
1.8 That's Why I Love to Work in the Oilfield
1.9 Rathole Crew
1.10 Burnin' That Rod

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