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Western Medicine: Western Medicine

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Artist: Western Medicine
Title: Western Medicine

Western Medicine is a band prescribed by dropping the looks, making peace with the crooks, and never making any deals... Out of the darkness it came like a steroidal freak of nature; gnashing and biting through the haze after long years of hibernation. Stepping on the traditional and crushing any formulas that threatened to break to the surface, five slightly insane strangers banded together with like minds in an attempt to transcend the trend. From all different walks of life they bring together a plethora of strange and slightly scary influences to blend together in a smelt of richly debaucherous goodness... Now their doomsday device is ready to unleash upon an unsuspecting world, and things will never again be the same! Western Medicine blends the worlds of post hardcore and punk with their hated rivals: Progressive metal and melody. The offspring is a richly inspired cacophonic monster of harmony and grace. Both beautiful and terrifying it ensnares and enslaves those who witness it's presence. From the powerful, eccentric drumming, and the galloping, slicing guitars, to the growling, soaring, screaming melodic vocals, there is truly something here for everyone! Formed over the course of a year, 2009 saw the completion of a talented lineup bred to create a unique sound from a diverse pool of influence. Storming out the gate with vigor, the group wrote an intense set of songs that completely eclipsed anything they had done individually, proving they were greater than the sum of their parts. Quickly they set out recording an ep with which to capture the flame that had ignited among them, and released it in September '09 to rabid excitement from their steadily growing fan base. The sheer power and charisma of their live show never ceases to amaze audiences, and their relentless enthusiasm to tour and connect with crowds ensures that this band is only going forward to capture the hearts of like minds. Western Medicine unleashes it's assault with a quick, desicive hand. From the groove heavy stomp of 'Combustion' to the hook-laiden melodies and strut of 'Big Baby Jesus,' 'Western Medicine,' and 'Twenty Twelve,' audiences are pulled into grasp of this intreaguing new arrival. The vulgar explosion of 'Trophy Scars' and 'Push the Panic,' combined with the sexy, tension release of 'Natural Selection,' and 'Long walks with Midnight' convert those living in the shadows, and a new family is birthed every night from the sweat and adrenaline released in every 'treatment.'

1.1 Combustion
1.2 Big Baby Jesus
1.3 Western Medicine
1.4 Twenty Twelve
1.5 Long Walks with Midnight

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