Whipped Cream Explosion

Whipped Cream Explosion: Amateur Auditions (In Stereo)

$10.64 $12.98

Artist: Whipped Cream Explosion
Title: Amateur Auditions (In Stereo)

This album is a hard rock, heavy metal masterpiece, if you discover this, you're a genius! Awesome, classic, timeless rock songs. You will love this album!

1.1 Rolling in Honey
1.2 Black Squares
1.3 Girls in Prison
1.4 Xandra
1.5 Any Last Requests?
1.6 The Glorious Salutation of the Angelic Witch
1.7 Pushups, with Your Pants Down
1.8 Love Paints the Pavement
1.9 Bitch Give Me Money
1.10 Simple Tally
1.11 Son of Sam
1.12 Last Party in Hell

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