Whirlpool Guest House

Whirlpool Guest House: Rough Digs

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Artist: Whirlpool Guest House
Title: Rough Digs

Whirlpool Guest House released a single, The Changing Face, and album, Pictures On The Pavement, before returning as Shandy Wildtyme with the CD Luminous. Rough Digs brings together the two tracks from their single, ten from the album, and four unreleased songs, to form a comprehensive overview of their whole output. The compilation has a range and sophistication which often belies it's rugged feel, with songs offering a much wider range of subject-matter than the standard indie fare - from hairdressing to random violence, ageing to abandoned infants.

1.1 The Changing Face
1.2 Jack of All Trades
1.3 The Plumber's Daughter
1.4 Oh No
1.5 Bag Baby
1.6 Salon Land
1.7 Deer on the Motorway
1.8 Nearly New
1.9 Contributory Negligence
1.10 Scarecrow
1.11 Young Forever
1.12 Sometimes I Get So Restless
1.13 Didn't Want It Anyway
1.14 Utterly Carefree
1.15 Last Stop Before Too-Late Town
1.16 What If We Are Wrong?

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