Whiskey Tango

Whiskey Tango: Everybody Comes Anything Goes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Whiskey Tango

Title: Everybody Comes Anything Goes
Label: CD Baby

Whiskey Tango was born out of the low lying swamp lands in Auburn, CA. Lambchops was on a 44 day vision quest at Tamaroo Bar in 2009. He was semi naked and meditating with one foot in the American River and one on a banana peel. At 10:32 PM on the 42nd night, his mind's eye opened and there sat in his clear vision a talking miniature unicorn. It told him to put together a sleazy foolish country rock band filled with perverts, middle aged village idiots: a carpenter, photographer, bone cracker, bar owner and later a mortgage broker for good measure. Armed with clarity and specific instructions Lamchops abided. After years of bad hair, Burning Man breakdowns, kissing cousin swapping, keg gymnastics, nicotine fits and all kinds of high wire drama that goes with starting a band, Whiskey Tango is strong, striving for sobriety (not successfully) and free to bring music to the people - which they occasionally do about every 3 months at the California Club in old town Auburn. Whiskey Tango headed into the recording studio at Baxter Ranch in the warm Auburn Autumn of 2011. By late March of 2012 they gave birth (without an epidural) to their baby 'Everybody Comes Anything Goes'. It's been touted as an amazing CD, loaded with sing along ballads and hillbilly spirituals that inspire the poetic heart and angry bowels. Currently Whiskey Tango is looking to play anywhere theywon't have to spend the night in a drunk tank. We hope you get the privilege of enjoying our music and life philosophy that can be boiled down to, 'run, there's a toaster in the tub.'

1.1 Fowl Play
1.2 Ghost Ride the Whip
1.3 Devilz in Jail
1.4 Fuck Fruit
1.5 Persimmon Cookie Baby
1.6 Jeremiah Weed
1.7 In the Comfort
1.8 Scary Campfire Song
1.9 Uncle Moeizmz
1.10 Love to Love Ya
1.11 Poo Poo Pee Pee

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