Whispering Sons

Whispering Sons: Several Others

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Whispering Sons

Title: Several Others
Label: Pias America

Whispering Sons have captured Belgium's hearts, selling 10K records (that's gold record standard in Belgium), opening mainstage Rock Werchter and being nominated for 4 MIAS. Known for their dark and unique blend of experimental and frenetic post-punk, they follow their 2018 debut Image with Several Others. ?Having retreated to the Ardennes last?summer to work on new material, the band took the strongest parts of their earlier work and refined it even further with a strong focus on their greatest strength - sheer, unpretentious intensity. Whispering Sons have constantly outstripped their own expectations, and with every momentous step forward, they redraw the boundaries of what they consider possible, then duly go beyond them yet again. "Every song we write is closer to the thing we really want to do. Without making compromises," Fenne says.

1.1 Dead End
1.2 Heat
1.3 (I Leave You) Wounded
1.4 Vision
1.5 Screens
1.6 Flood
1.7 Surface
1.8 Aftermath
1.9 Satantango
1.10 Surgery

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