White Nails

White Nails: First Trip

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Product Type: CD
Artist: White Nails

Title: First Trip
Label: Magnetic Eye

White Nails / FIRST TRIP Quebec's stoner rock band, influenced by the sounds of Pentagram, Black Sabbath and Kyuss, White Nails adds a psychedelic touch to their EP First Trip. Heavy riffs are not lacking on this business card which has received a very positive critical reception. Add a very seventies visual and you have a band that quickly gets a top spot on the scene.

1.1 Shangaied
1.2 Done and Gone
1.3 Dead in Time (Feat. Gab Shonk)
1.4 In My Blood
1.5 Damn Judas
1.6 Silver Linings
1.7 Brazen Bull
1.8 The Crooked Lake

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