White Stones

White Stones: Kuarahy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: White Stones

Title: Kuarahy
Label: Nuclear Blast Americ

2020 release by the death metal band formed Opeth bassist Martín Mendéz. For Mendéz, White Stones is a return to his roots, both musically and personally, as the groove-oriented death metal band was named after his birthplace in Uruguay. Fans shouldn't read too far into the bassist's election to start a death metal band as Opeth notably abandoned the aggressive, more extreme elements of their sound starting in 2011 with the release of Heritage. "I am 100 percent comfortable with what we're doing with Opeth," Mendéz reassured his fans.

1.1 Kuarahy
1.2 Rusty Shell
1.3 Worms
1.4 Drowned in Time
1.5 The One
1.6 Guyra
1.7 Ashes
1.8 Infected Soul
1.9 Taste of Blood
1.10 Jasy

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