Whitlan: Escape

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Whitlan

Title: Escape
Label: CD Baby

Brandon Whitlan Reynolds has played music for as long as he can remember. Some of the songs on this EP were written as early as 1995 and others as recently as 2014. Brandon always writes about his own experiences and feelings. Nothing is borrowed. The music can be a little dark but it comes from a place of perseverance, redemption and moving on. This EP was recorded over a single weekend at Muddy Bluff Ranch in Bleiblerville, TX with his long time friends and band mates, John DaSilva, Jason Runyon, Jason Perez, Don English and Louie Perez. Some finishing touches were also added at Brandon's home studio in Spring, TX. The 'Escape' EP is a pre-release to Whitlan's upcoming album, Under Your Wing, due to release in 2015.

1.1 Fly
1.2 Under Your Wing
1.3 Surfacing the Sky
1.4 Escape

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