J. Whiz: 20/20 Vision

Whiz J.: 20/20 Vision
Title: 20/20 Vision
Label: CD Baby

J. Whiz is a talented rapper/producer. He has recorded 19 solo albums and is constantly in the studio. He has recorded close to 250 tracks and is still adding to that number. He has also produced tracks for numerous other artists. J. Whiz began writing songs at the age of 13. He recorded his first solo album 'Thugland' in 1998 under the alias of Poetic Thug. He went on to release 6 more albums under that alias including: 'World Redemption,' 'World Redemption II,' 'Still I Ride,' 'Ready 4 the World,' 'Ruff, Rugged, and Raw' and Don't Go 2 Sleep.' He also recorded albums as a member of The Commission and The Raw Boyz. In 2001, J. Whiz released his last album as Poetic Thug and switched his name to J. Whiz. His first album as J. Whiz was a double CD entitled, 'The Game Don't Stop' released in 2002 . He went on to release 'From Out Da Flamez,' 'Str8 From Da Underground: Volume I,' 'Seven Dayz,' 'Worldwide Exposure', Tha Game Needz Me', 'My Wordz, My World', 'Married 2 Tha Game' add his most recently released project, '20/XX Vision.' He also recorded an unreleased album, 'Intermission.' J. Whiz's latest venture, Greenprint Entertainment, LLC is just taking off and J. Whiz is looking to do big things with his new company.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Mr. Ceo
1.3 Topic of Conversation
1.4 Let It Go
1.5 I Do My Thang
1.6 5' O'Clock N Tha Mornin'
1.7 Sleepin Wit' Tha Enemy
1.8 Good Tymez
1.9 Beast Mode
1.10 All N My Mind
1.11 Cut Song
1.12 100 Milez ; Runnin'
1.13 Never Fallin Off

J. Whiz: 20/20 Vision

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