Widows: San Diego Calling Collect

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Artist: Widows

Artist: Widows
Title: San Diego Calling Collect
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Widows have been around for a while. This is the third full length offering from these San Diego nit wits. This is more of what you have come to expect but no less. What do you want? It's just Rock and Roll and some folks like it.

1.1 Glory Rocker
1.2 Addicted to Kill
1.3 No You and Me
1.4 She Can't Wait
1.5 Sally Mistaken
1.6 The Widowmaker
1.7 Let Down By Love
1.8 One Last Look
1.9 I'm Lost (Again)
1.10 Who Needs You
1.11 Johnny Shit in a Cup
1.12 Fun Fun Fun

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