Wiener Wald Orchester

Wiener Wald Orchester: Vienna Springtime Walz

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Artist: Wiener Wald Orchester
Title: Vienna Springtime Walz

Did you ever stray in europe ? Maybe then you went to Vienna and feel the fantastic mood of walz music. On this album we bring to you wonderful Vienna melodies like "Emperor Walz" (Kaiser Walzer), "You and you Walz" (Du und Du Walzer) as well as "Viennese Blood Walz" (Wiener Blut Walzer) right to your home. Often you will find walz recordings from the years around 1950. But these are 100 percent new recordings - not just remastered old audio files. Recorded with the latest recording technologie of the 21th century which guarantee a fantastic sound. We hope you have fun, listen to these great classic Vienna walz melodies.

1.1 An Der Schönen Blauen Donau
1.2 Wiener Blut
1.3 Cagliostro Walzer
1.4 Kuss Walzer
1.5 Freut Euch Des Lebens Walzer
1.6 Frühlingsstimmen Walzer
1.7 Donauweibchen Walzer
1.8 Du Und Du Walzer
1.9 Kaiser Walzer Vienna Opera Ball
1.10 Leichtes Blut
1.11 Wiener Walzer

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