Wilco: Summer Teeth

Wilco: Summer Teeth
Title: Summer Teeth
Label: Reprise / WEA

With Summer Teeth, Wilco (formed from the ashes of Uncle Tupelo) transcends the alterna-country twang of their earlier albums to create what lead vocalist/guitarist Jeff Tweedy calls "kind of a twisted pop record... a dark pop record." While staying true to it's back-porch groove and plain-spoken poetry, one of the most admired alternative bands anywhere takes a step forward by taking a bite out of pop. Featured tracks: "Can't Stand It," "She's a Jar" and "I'm Always in Love."

1.1 Can't Stand It
1.2 She's a Jar
1.3 A Shot in the Arm
1.4 We're Just Friends
1.5 I'm Always in Love
1.6 Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Agian)
1.7 Pieholden Suite
1.8 How to Fight Loneliness
1.9 Via Chicago
1.10 Elt
1.11 My Darling
1.12 When You Wake Up Feeling Old
1.13 Summer Teeth
1.14 In a Future Age
1.15 Bonus Track
1.16 Bonus Track
1.17 Bonus Track

Wilco: Summer Teeth

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