Wild Marmalade

Wild Marmalade: Core Duo

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Artist: Wild Marmalade

Artist: Wild Marmalade
Title: Core Duo

Wild Marmalade meld the ancient sounds of the Australian Didjeridu with contemporary techno style drumming to create fresh vibrant dance music characterized by blitzing tempos and tasty grooves. They use only real instruments with astonishing skill, without any effects or samples. Inspired by both indigenous sounds and the beats of the now, Wild Marmalade's high energy shows uplift audiences with their display of powerful, joyous and infectiously danceable music.

1.1 Jingiwala
1.2 Core Duo
1.3 Sunrisa
1.4 Transformation
1.5 Fabrik
1.6 On the in Side
1.7 Hot Sand
1.8 Stormy Weather
1.9 Slightly Spritely
1.10 Innate
1.11 Sticks ; Stones
1.12 Knock
1.13 Tribal Jazz
1.14 Street Style
1.15 Deep Down

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