Wild Rompit

Wild Rompit: Brotherhood

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Wild Rompit

Title: Brotherhood
Label: CD Baby

Wild Rompit's sophomore release Brotherhood marks a great achievement in the bands growth. Their raw energy and homegrown sound have reached new heights in their cohesive and polished EP. From start to finish the songs are laced with lyrics of honest portrayals of self-discovery. "You can learn a lot about yourself through your relationships with the people around you," explains Blair. Brotherhood through and through is about the coming of age, of both the characters in it's stories and Wild Rompit themselves.

1.1 Ends of the Earth (Part I)
1.2 Ends of the Earth (Part II)
1.3 Fall
1.4 Equilibrium
1.5 Secrets
1.6 Renegade

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