Wildlights: Wildlights

Wildlights: Wildlights
Title: Wildlights
Label: Season of Mist

Timeless Hard-Rock inspired by driving So-Cal (Carolina), spawned skate/desert rock and the heavy sound of the South. Featuring Jason Shi (ASG) and Johnny Collins of (Thunderlip!). Their self-titled, Matt Hyde (PORNO FOR PYROS, MONSTER MAGNET, FU MANCHU, SLAYER) produced album shines with stunning tracks like "Rebel Smiles", "Anchors", "Lights Out", "Lions", "Part of the Sea" and more. More than just a mere collection of tracks, Wildlights is a soundtrack to life that resonates hope.

1.1 Anchors
1.2 Rebel Smiles
1.3 Part of the Sea
1.4 Snow Song
1.5 Hellfire Forever
1.6 Pictures
1.7 Onward Upward
1.8 Lights Out
1.9 New Year Repeat
1.10 Climb in the Throne
1.11 Lions
1.12 Big Frontier

Wildlights: Wildlights

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