Wiley Fox

Wiley Fox: Wiley Fox

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Artist: Wiley Fox

Artist: Wiley Fox
Title: Wiley Fox

Produced by Bob Langford that worked with Lynyrd Skynyrd on their first two albums (Lynyrd Skynyrd pronounced and Second Helping), Joe South, Deep Purple, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Al Cooper among many others. Strong vocals and instrumental parts. Very upbeat with some choice ballads. Great harmony parts sets this CD apart from the 'run of the mill' country. A real toe-tapper!

1.1 Weekend Feeling
1.2 Brint It on Carolina
1.3 Ain't Going Back
1.4 Sitting Here Smiling
1.5 Kokopelli Boogie
1.6 Lonesome Time of Day
1.7 If I Only Had a Cadillac
1.8 Agree to Disagree
1.9 Can't Wait to Stop Loving You
1.10 Wish I Could
1.11 When You Hit the Wall
1.12 Buffetized

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