Will Jaxx

Will Jaxx: Dichotomy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Will Jaxx

Title: Dichotomy
Label: CD Baby

Of the musicks that captivate the ears and hearts of contemporary audiences, the cry of Urban Jazz seems to be leading the charge. One characteristic of this potent form of musical expression is that it boldly synthesizes genres in order to articulate truths that are exquisitely myriad in complexity. Adherents to the more traditional idiom of Jazz usually limit themselves by trumpeting echos of the past or attempting to resuscitate some senescent ideal. With it's witty combination of technology and gritty acoustic expression, however, this is not the case with Urban Jazz. Another highly attractive element of this music, to me, is that it showcases an artist's vulnerabilities, just as it would their strengths. On the whole, these are revolutionary personifications--ones which, through artistic transparency, speak truth to power and has become infectious among audiences worldwide. Artists such as Snarky Puppy, Jose James, and Ken Ford provide a sterling example of this shift. Their music provides listeners with a bold, refreshing dose of ear candy that's intelligent, but not condescending; sexy, but not sleezy; uncut, but not uncouth. And the same can be said of WIll Jaxx. His debut release, Dichotomy, presents a milestone in Urban Instrumental Music. It gives us a cool, refreshing dose of urban creativity that immerses audiences in a sonic bath of Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, and NuJazz. As a collection, Dichotomy is groundbreaking and truly stretches the fabric of what we call Jazz. But you be the judge! Grab a copy of 'Dichotomy' today, then experience for yourself the aura, the sound, and the swagger that is... Will Jaxx!

1.1 Intro
1.2 Dichotomy
1.3 Playground
1.4 What Does It Mean to Love (Feat. Takiya)
1.5 Strange Fruit (Feat. Stagolee) [Explicit]
1.6 Soul Food
1.7 In Your Bedroom (Feat. Hott Soss)
1.8 Love Angel (Feat. Hott Soss ; Jai Black)
1.9 Interlude
1.10 Club Banger
1.11 Take It Slow (Feat. Aubrey Bryant)
1.12 Reflections
1.13 Sex on the Beach
1.14 1973 (Feat. Hott Soss)
1.15 Love Angel (Acappella) [Feat. Jai Black]
1.16 What Does It Mean to Love (Acappella) [Feat. Takiya]

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