Will Oldham

Will Oldham: Seafares Music

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Artist: Will Oldham

Artist: Will Oldham
Title: Seafares Music

Will Oldham (PALACE, BONNIE PRINCE BILLY) returns with another installment in his instrumental, or "silent" catalog - music written as soundtrack material for the independent screen. Joined by brother PAUL and DAVID BIRD, Oldham delivers four instrumental tracks for the feature-length documentary Seafarers, a film shot in Rotterdam that follows the lives of four sailors - a Swede, a Polynesian, a Croat, and a Nigerian - each with their own story, as they wait to go back to sea. Each track is a theme for one of the sailors, and Oldham evokes their stories and surroundings with great aplomb.

1.1 Sapele
1.2 Lars
1.3 Bogo
1.4 Emmanuel

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