Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler Feat. Dames Brown

Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler Feat. Dames Brown: The One

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Artist: Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler Feat. Dames Brown
Title: The One
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. Will Sessions is proud to present The One, their most cohesive and fully realized original work to date. Written and performed with vocalist/keyboardist Amp Fiddler (Parliament/ Funkadelic, Was Not Was, Mahogani Music) and Dames Brown (a female vocal trio), The One is an album that tells the story of a man's search for the love of his life, and the trials and tribulations that surround their budding romance within the city of Detroit. Stylistically the album has roots that go deep into late-70's progressive funk, soul and boogie, with layers of live/electronic drums and percussion, funky synth and slap bass lines, snappy guitars, classic analog synths, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, tight horns, and lush string arrangements, all accompanied by the vocal stylings of Amp and the Dames.

1.1 What It Is
1.2 Lost Without You
1.3 Belle Isle Drive
1.4 Rendezvous
1.5 Reminiscin'
1.6 Seven Mile
1.7 Who I Am
1.8 Reconcile

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