William Carn

William Carn: Run Stop Run

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Artist: William Carn

Artist: William Carn
Title: Run Stop Run

Run Stop Run is the latest project from Juno-nominated trombonist William Carn. Produced by influential saxophonist/composer David Binney, this debut recording showcases Run Stop Run's modern sound. Lush and warm, this recording incorporates infectious grooves with lyrical melodies. William Carn, trombone/vocal; Don Scott, guitar; Jon Maharaj, bass; Ethan Ardelli, drums; and special guest David Binney, keyboards/programming/vocal.

1.1 Beginning
1.2 The Fallen
1.3 Butter Side Down
1.4 The Gift
1.5 Glassman
1.6 Murphy!
1.7 Interlude
1.8 His Eyes Are Sad and Knowing
1.9 LBJ
1.10 Q's Idea
1.11 Rorschach
1.12 End

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