William Ray

William Ray: Homecoming Day

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Artist: William Ray

Artist: William Ray
Title: Homecoming Day

William Ray, with his strong baritone voice, makes these 'songs of Glenn Erickson' come alive. You'll identify with every story and emotion, whether it be a loving homecoming; a Vegas experience; finding love at home after Wall Street losses; or just hanging around with rowdy friends or the jukebox. Steve Cooper's arrangements and music group give each song a special sound that will keep your feet tapping and your heart exploding. This album, produced in Nashville on the Nashville Gold label, may well be the surprise new indie country album of 2010. See what DJ's and listeners have to say: Sam harris (Co. Durham, England): I have been playing country music on air for over 20 years, and have never received a CD before that I have loved EVERY track....until now. They are all excellent, well written songs..and the singer has a GREAT voice.I will be playing all of these tracks on air. Jos Bierman (radio Beverwijk, Netherlands): I am pleased to let you know that the Homecoming Day album reached me yesterday....and what great songs! At least as good as your TODAY album, of which I played practically all songs on my programs. Be assured that I will be using this new album in the same way, even thoughI am being swamped with music from all directions lately. Good singing by William Ray and excellent musicians in support. Eddy O'Strange (New Zealand DJ): 'Thanks for sending HOMECOMING DAY album. Once again, some great songs. I particularly like the story songs....and your telling humour; and I like the way you treat your novelty songs with the dignity of properly constructed settings and first rate melodies. Cheers!

1.1 Homecoming Day
1.2 Rosie's Bar
1.3 Cold Shoulders
1.4 Lady Luck's a Woman
1.5 Love in Her Heart
1.6 Lotta' Lovin' Goin' 'Round
1.7 Hot Day in Houston
1.8 The Ghost of Hank
1.9 Load on My Mind
1.10 I Lost It All on Wall Street
1.11 Never Been in Love Before
1.12 Start Waitin' Early for You
1.13 I've Lived a Lifetime Lovin' You
1.14 Longevity
1.15 Time Keeps Rollin' Along
1.16 What Happens in Vegas
1.17 Cadillac Cowboy
1.18 Lemme' Tell Ya' What I Did
1.19 Life Was Good When I Was Young
1.20 Patriotic Train
1.21 Live Until I Die
1.22 Ballad of Ringo Flamingo

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