Willie 3rd Street

Willie 3rd Street: Slabcus

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Artist: Willie 3rd Street
Title: Slabcus

When I first set out to write songs my playing style gravitated towards bluegrass and a very percussive approach. In 2004 I met a hip hop producer who mixed my acoustic and vocals with what he had going on. I don't know exactly what genre that makes it but I have been hooked on it since. 'THE SLABCUS EP' is a fun hand full of songs I can't stop listening to. A personal best. The name SLABCUS was the name of the first band I was in. Read backwards was a description of how good the band was. The talent on the EP: Leland Elliot, Joel Hopper, Justin Kalk, Steo Brittan, Charles Butler, Dean Marold, Brian McClure, Bar None, and Carson Gream. Dan Baker Cowrite on 'Family Tree'

1.1 One Disaster at a Time
1.2 Beautifly
1.3 Rain N Pour
1.4 Family Tree
1.5 My M.O

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